Vogue Végétale

Soya the Cow & Tomas Eyzaguirre – Photography

Saturday, 6 July, from 1 pm / Sunday, 7 July, from 12 pm

«Vogue Végétale» presents a series of fashion photographs featuring clothing made from lettuce, radishes, grapes and other edible fruits and vegetables. This series was produced by Soya the Cow together with Chilean photographer Tomas Eyzaguirre and costume designer Raki Fernandez and playfully questions the relationship between humans and non-humans, food and fashion, those who eat and those who are eaten. At the Arten Festival, it can be seen in large format throughout the entire time in the horse arena - for the humans, horses, ponies and donkeys.

Hühnerort – Kollektives Bauen einer Skulptur

Jana Holland – Interactive Installation

Saturday, 6 July, from 1 pm / Sunday, 7 July, from 12 pm

Jana Holland is an art and cultural practitioner at the intersection of art, pedagogy and everyday intimacy politics. She uses her body in and as art in the sense of cozy uncomfortableness. During the Arten Festival, she will work with visitors to expand an existing basic structure into a sculpture that will remain as a playground and resting place for the chickens even after the festival - an attempt to get closer to the animals through design and to open up empathic access. The perspective of the chickens and their needs are at the center of the project and will determine the aesthetics of the sculpture. At the same time, there will be an exchange of stories, experiences and knowledge about chickens and an attempt to collectively get into the minds of the individuals.



Benjamin Egger – Installation

Saturday, 6 July, from 2 pm / Sunday, 7 July, from 12 pm

In his transdisciplinary practice, Benjamin Egger deals with the relationship between non-human and human animals. The installation at the Arten Festival shows a conversation between two lo-tech displays. With dystopian humor, the work comments on human existence from a future perspective. Viewers are confronted with an already manifest future in which the human species no longer exists. The apparently non-human voices to be read, however, only have a lol, a “laughing out loud”, at the thought of humanity. The work presents a future, non-human perspective that presents human existence as an amusing anecdote from Earth's history. It confronts us as present-day humans with the question of whether we want to accept this future legacy or whether we would rather go down in history in a different way.