Wie vom Winde verweht

Michael Fehr – Reading

Saturday, 6 July: 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm

Michael Fehr is a storyteller, poet, singer, performer and author. His performances are also a happening. His texts oscillate between song and narrative. Profound and precise. Michael Fehr's stories always shed light on existential states of being human. The visually impaired performer has already received numerous awards, including the Kelag Prize at the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize for the novel “Simeliberg”. At the Arten Festival, we can listen to his powerful stories together with the pigs.

e r o s i o n

Julia Toggenburger – Reading

Saturday, 6 July: 4.30 pm, 7 pm

Where to go with the land, with the searching forms, structures made of soil in the wind. It wanders and lurches along the edges of cracks, fractures. Sideways into the open field, swell and surf wrap the land around time, into the fabric. And smoothes the colors. Soil horizons. Layers of sediment. Stone. Julia Toggenburger reads about the landscape, about becoming, about the ground underfoot, about decay. The current research project on erosion and soil began in the play “Stein Sein” by Theater Marie and the Kellertheater Winterthur, which the Winterthur author was allowed to accompany with the Carte Noire of the Kellertheater in winter 2023/24. Some of these texts find their way to Hof Narr in the orchard, together with other fragments of the current research on the underground, on erosion, on the earth.

Ist hier das Jenseits, fragt Schwein

Noemi Somalvico – Reading

Sunday, 7 July: 2 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Pig has been alone for a few weeks now. He gazes gloomily out of the window. Somewhere beyond this sky there will be another sky, and beyond that another. It's a good thing Dachs has invented a device that can be used to switch to God's home. There they sit with the Creator at the kitchen table and something begins to tremble. The Solothurn-born author Noemi Somalvico studied Literary Writing in Biel and Contemporary Arts Practice in Bern. At the Arten Festival, she will be reading her first novel at and with the pigs.

Streik im Zirkus

Ryan Metzer – Children's reading

Sunday, 7 July: 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Ryan Metzer, a children's book author from South Africa, teaches children and young people in schools about animal rights and ethics. In his book “Strike in the Circus”, two elephants talk about life as an object of entertainment. At the same time, a mother walks through the circus grounds with her son and observes the animals. The boy notices that the animals don't look particularly happy. When the circus director announces that the show is about to begin, something unexpected happens - young and old visitors to the Arten Festival can find out what it is at the children's reading in the orchard.

Telepathie am Beispiel des Huhns

Katja Brunner – Reading

Sunday, 7 July: 2.30 pm, 5 pm

Katja Brunner is a multidisciplinary, multi-award-winning artist from Zurich. At the Trutenhof at the Arten Festival, she will be reading from TIERTELEPATHIE and other texts that attempt to tackle dichotomies such as culture versus nature. An attempt to think together in alternatives, an attempt at rapprochement, a playful approach to supposed strangeness. A celebration of friendly transgressions using the example of chicken.