Alexandra Gavilano und die Wege zu einer "Tasty Future"

Alexandra Gavilano & Tasty Future - Talk

Saturday, July 06, 2:30 pm

Alexandra is committed to a more just world on many levels and with different methods. She is an environmental scientist, activist for climate justice, decolonization, democracy and animal rights. She is a part of the association Tasty Future, which supports cultural institutions in converting their catering offerings to plant-based foods. At the Arten Festival, she will take on the perspectives of different species that are thinking about her vision of a “Tasty Future”. Desires are given free rein. The species Homo Sapiens Sapiens shows different ways of what “Tasty” is and can be. The different perspectives are intended to stimulate reflection and highlight the diversity between species and within the human species.

Hof Narr – Führung

Saturday, July 06, 2 pm & 5 pm

Sunday, July 07, 1 pm & 4 pm

A short tour through Hof Narr. The humans from Hof Narr are looking forward to taking you on a tour of the farm and telling you about the origins of the place, the concept and the different animal personalities! We will be happy to take you on a tour of the animals, where you can stroke pigs' bellies, cuddle chickens and have other great encounters. After the tour, there will be plenty of time to get to know the animals a little better and ask questions.

Performing with Animals

Shanjulab: Judith Zagury & Dariouch Ghavami - Talk

Sunday, July 07, 1:30 pm

The ShanjuLab, based in Gimel (Vaud), is a living space and a place of research on coexistence between different species - it is a school, a theater group and a farm in one. In their own cross-species artistic creations as well as in collaborations with cultural institutions or artists from the contemporary scene such as the Théâtre Vidy, Laetitia Dosch or Stefan Kaegi, they have gained many experiences and insights into the potential, limits, dangers and beauty of creating art with non-human animal actors and co-creators. In this conversation at Arten Festival, Judith Zahury and Dariouch Ghavami will share their personal experiences and discuss questions such as: How can we bring non-human animals on stage and what utopias and alliances can we build with them? How can interspecies relationships (with or without humans) and animal choices be represented? What framework should be created so that the animal can choose and decide as an individual?