Don't kill the Cow – Concert

Saturday, 6 July, 8:30 pm

The Geneva-based indie rock band Don't Kill The Cow is all about enjoying the live experience with the intensity of here and now. With their captivating vocals and a powerful sound that oscillates between emotion and energy, the band is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Don't Kill The Cow is much more than just a band; it's an alchemy that comes from four friends pouring out their passion onto the stage, playing a concert on the courtyard square at the Arten Festival to round off the first day of the festival.

Kings Elliot – Concert

Sunday, 7 July, 3 pm

Swiss-born Kings Elliot developed a passion for composition and lyrics at an early age. After her first headlining and festival dates, as well as opening for US pop-rock band Imagine Dragons, Kings Elliot is well on her way to establishing herself as one of alt-pop's leading up-and-coming artists. Her relentless honesty and dedication to the art of songwriting have already endeared her to fans around the world. Her second EP “Bored Of The Circus” showcases the Londoner-by-choice's skills with radically honest and vulnerable lyrics about mental illness that redefine the blueprint of a perfect pop song in the 21st century. At Arten Festival, Kings Elliot will play her songs in the open-air courtyard space, bathing Sunday afternoons in her mellow sounds.

Lakiko – Concert

Sunday, 7 July, 4.30 pm

Lakiko is a cello.

A cello that strums, scratches, repeats itself and disappears. But Lakiko is also a voice that sings of her nomadic existence, which has brought her from Sarajevo to Switzerland via detours, of nightmares, times gone by and dystopian visions of the future. The solo project of classically trained cellist Lana Kostic combines the oriental influences of her homeland with the strict meters of modernity, traditional vocal technique with a breathy pop voice and thus sounds not quite of this world. This can be experienced from different angles in the Horse Arena at the Arten Festival.