Wir haben nicht alle Zeit der Welt, bevor die Welt zusammenfällt

Alexandra Huss - Children's Theater

Saturday, 6 July, 1 pm / Sunday, 7 July, 12 pm

In the spirit of the fools of this world, who ask the really important questions while disguising and transforming themselves, Alexandra Huss has embarked on a theatrical journey with children. Based on Erich Kästner's novel The Conference of Animals, they asked themselves: “Who are we as (young) people in this wild, beautiful, but often difficult world? Who are we in relation to all the other sentient beings around us? How do we create a way of life that is free of violence and treats all life with dignity?” The children have been working on these questions for the past few months, developing their own material alongside the play, which they present in monologues as well as self-written and improvised scenes.

Try Walking in my Hooves

Soya the Cow – Concert

Saturday, 6 July, 6:30-7:00 pm

CHANGE OF PROGRAM: Due to the Switzerland-England European Championship soccer match, the walk is canceled. Instead, there will be a concert by Soya the Cow at 18:30 (during the break of the soccer match).

Animal rights, climate activism, music and drag: that's Soya the Cow. The internationally renowned Zurich drag cow lived and worked at the Narrhof for 6 months during Covid times. In her walk Try Walking in my Hooves, Soya takes the audience from the farm to the neighboring village of Egg, focusing on the presence of other animals we encounter along the way. Dogs walking with their friends. Pigeons that have turned a windowsill into their toilet. Bodies of killed animals carried through the streets by people for food or clothing. Soya the Cow, invites a change of perspective that questions our habits of seeing the world and our self-perception. The philosophical walk ends with a musical finale in the courtyard, where Soya the Cow sings songs about animal personalities she has come to know and love at Hof Narr.

Loveletters to a cockroach on the misthaufen

Tobibi Bienz with Aron Smith and Valerie Reding and cockroaches – Performance

Saturday, July 06, 8 pm

It all began with a love letter to a cockroach. Tobibi Bienz (they/them), performance and conceptual artist from Zurich, wrote this letter in the early hours of the morning on the roof of a Hong Kong skyscraper during the 2019 protests there. Five years later, Tobibi is still preoccupied with cockroaches and has created the production Fears & Affection with Argentinian artist Victoria Papagni. At the end of each performance there are love letters to the cockroaches, always from new invited artists, poets, activists and biologists - this time on the dung heap at the Arten Festival!

Puddles the Pelican aka Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade – Performance

Sunday, 7 July, 6 pm

In his cabaret show Lost at Sea with Puddles and Sunny, American performer and choreographer Jeremy Wade, accompanied by musician Quentin Tolimieri, portrays a broken, one-eyed cabaret singer named Puddles the Pelican living on a cruise ship at the end of time. A survivor of the Deep Horizon oil spill, Puddles the Pelican sings, squawks, moans, and tells stories of love and loss to keep the cruise ship's passengers awake as they sail into disaster on a sea that is no longer blue, but a rusty dark orange. Choking on chunks of tar, the once-fantastic bird lashes out: "Once a glorious bird, now covered in oil, which one of you bitches has a match? "Jeremy Wade's performance at the Arten Festival plays with the genre of queer science fiction to illuminate our complex present.