About us


Fully aware that many will consider us fools for doing so, HOF NARR wants to inspire us to treat the basis of our existence in a way that is not “normal” but suitable for our grandchildren. And we believe that our world will one day be a better place if more and more “fools” start to dare to make positive changes without fear, full of empathy for all our fellow creatures.

HOF NARR is an oasis for:

  • Animals that live here in peace.

  • Nature, thanks to which we grow plant-based food.

  • People who question, think and enjoy sharing.

  • Fools who work for our future with their hands, hearts and minds


If you would like to come to the festival and have accessibility needs, please contact us at info@artenfestival.ch.


Lisa Letnansky: Curation

Daniel Hellmann: Curation

Moin Moin Productions: Production

Vinzenz Dittli: Technical Management

Sara Suter: Graphic design & CD

Viviane Lichtenberger: Communications & Webseite

Alexandra Huss: Organisation Hof Narr

How to find us

There is no parking available on site. Hof Narr can be easily reached by public transport with the S18 (red Forchbahn) from Zürich Stadelhofen (station).


Tickets for the festival are available here: bit.ly/Arten-Tickets

Ticket prices: The festival pass costs CHF 40 for adults and CHF 25 for children. The day pass costs CHF 25 for adults and CHF 15 for children. People with residence permit "N", "F" and protection status "S" have free admission: please contact info@artenfestival.ch.

There is a limited number of places for some of the events, due to the different sizes of the venues on the farm. If you don't want to miss anything, it is recommended that you arrive early. A detailed schedule of each venue is available at the farm.



6 & 7 July

Güetlistrasse 45 , 8132 Egg

Directions: There is no parking available on site. Hof Narr is easily accessible by public transport on the S18 (red Forchbahn) from Zurich Stadelhofen (station).

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